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new yearπŸ™‚πŸ™‚...... let's see what is new year I mean new year be like put down all off your stress for one day some of people say it never continue but they are really wrong cycle will never be changed as year change....yess it gives some offff advantages of live your life more smoothly .... 365 new opportunities will come but it come till u live your life full of aggressiveness .... I don't say that new year is just year word give people new strategy to live how they passed their life and now how they wants to pass his life as new way.... this new year at least one day keep all off your stress all off your emotionals and all off your heart filling that make u cry put them in a big bag and threw it at sea that some off never be come and some off take time to come out at least one day........ now that is new year for all of us....

by _smit_1106