How to write a good caption that tells the story of a picture?

... CaptionPlus
7th May 2019

When your picture recites a story, people pay attention to it. On a platform like Instagram, captions are your go-to tool to connect with your visitors.

The vital tips to write a compelling caption for your Instagram posts are:

A. Use 5Ws and 1H rule
Untangle the endless questions of your audience, mention when, why, who, where, what and how. Answer the questions of your users before they ask. Trust us they will thank you.

B. Say Hi to present tense
Use the present tense to give the picture instancy. Another key is to make your caption conversational. It will make your audience feel connected.

C. Write what your picture demands
Write according to the picture, if your picture is ‘serious’, better to write serious context rather than writing something funny. Maintain the essence of the picture by relating the caption with it.

D. Target the right audience
You can use up to 30 hashtags, but try to keep it 6-10 to engage more audience. Relatable hashtags that compliment your picture do wonders for your Instagram account.