How to increase organic following on Instagram?

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24th Apr 2019
How to increase organic following on Instagram?

A. Post Consistently

Begin with posting every day. Successful accounts post more frequently. The trick is to be more present, so, respond to everyone who engages on your post through comments, or direct messages.

B. Add Emojis to Boost Discoverability.

Did you know, nearly 50% of Instagram captions have emojis? Emojis are searchable on Instagram as both a hashtag or in your user name. So, add emojis for discoverability and for engaging your audience.

C. Create a Photo Theme to Reinforce Familiarity

It’s always more attractive when you use a unique color or subject theme. To increase familiarity of your Instagram content, crop all of your images the same way, post pictures of the same subject matter, or use the same filter on all of your photos

D. Add Hashtags to Gain Traction

Hashtags help your posts to be discovered. Use captions relevant to your audience and your posts, and do not copy paste unnecessary string of captions.