Tips To Shoot The Best Diwali Pictures

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26th Oct 2019
Tips To Shoot The Best Diwali Pictures

Statutory warning: Technicalities ahead.

Every DSLR owner feels like a photographer every once in a while, especially on occasions like Diwali when the photographer becomes apparent. We have a few tips on how to click the best macro shots and long exposure shots listed here:

1. While Capturing Fireworks 🎇 

Ensure that you are using a tripod stand to prevent shaky or blurry images. Shutter speeds of around 1/20-1/60 seconds can be used to prevent shaky images in the dark. Also try experimenting with different shutter speeds. Focus where the fireworks are more apparent and then shoot in manual focus. To choose a slower shutter speed, choose a low aperture of about f/8. Also, experiment with the ISO feature. Noise can be easily eliminated while editing. 

2. While shooting portraits 🙋‍♀️

The ‘Bokeh shot’ is the most popular form of picture which is clicked on Diwali. Using an aperture of about f/1.8 for people allows you to focus more on the background details, for example the strings of LED lights and lamps. Experiment with ‘flash compensation’ to make the subject and the background appear well exposed. 

3. While capturing candid images on the streets 👫

Zoom in to click pictures of decorative items on the street. The more natural the image, the best it looks. A wider aperture with a faster shutter speed will make the image more appealing. 

May you have a clickable, colourful Diwali. Shubh Deepavali!