Tips to pose for cool portrait photos that make you stand out from the crowd. (Female)

... CaptionPlus
21st May 2019

Posing for portrait photograph sometimes seems to be a tedious task. It takes only a slight of work to create the difference between an average and an outstanding photo. Here we have shared some practical tips so that you can pose and get clicked at your best:

A. An old yet viable technique to pose is to try to keep your hands involved with some props. If you can't shoot with props, try to give the arms some shape like slightly twisting arms.

B. The posturing of lips is difficult, as you can't move them much. Slightly open your lips to feel the air break over your base lip. This will give you a wonderful, unforced expression and will mollify the jawline.

C. Follow your nose with your eyes to reduce the amount of white in the eye and eliminate the awkward over rotating eyeball. It is not necessary to always keep your eyes to the camera.

D. A common mistake by photographers is completely ignoring their own height and shooting from above or eye-level. They should get low to the ground and shoot high. This will increases the height of the model.

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