Know the right ways of using hashtags (#s) in a post

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11th Sep 2019
Know the right ways of using hashtags (#s) in a post

Hashtags are the key to make your content reachable to the right audience and give your Instagram the boost that it deserves. Without the right hashtags, your posts are merely irrelevant and do not make any impact on the Instagram community. To be able to master the right number of hashtags that must be used in a single post, the following things must be kept in mind:

Understanding your post and what it is trying to say.
If you consider yourself a wanderer who loves clicking photos for the gram, make sure you hashtag all the things that you see in the picture. Always start by creating #s in a broader sense. First few hashtags could be #nature #gardening #garden. Then when you have a closer look at the picture, you would be able to see the objects in the picture, so you can use hashtags like #papaya #kicthenbackyard etc. Then you can go ahead to describe the complexities of the picture or post. For instance, #papayapicking #natureslap #wanderingsoul #gardeninglife and so on.

Using hashtags in between captions.
We generally use hashtags towards the end of the post so why not make the caption crisp by using words as hashtags themselves. For instance, this post about #trashtag and #trashtagchallenge. This way you can know exactly how many relevant hashtags can be created.

Captions or comments: where to place your hashtags?
Both the placements receive the same number of engagement. If you want your post to appear neat and proper, place the most relevant hashtags in the caption and the generic ones in the comment section. Make use of as many #s you want in the comments to attract the audience.

Discard the irrelevant hashtags.
It is very important to make sure that your #s are not deviating from the post or the message that you are trying to send. That only sends in your spammy behaviour. Viewers tend to unfollow such hashtags which are unrelated to the post. Using #s strategically is very essential.

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