5 Instagram hidden tips and tricks for stories

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17th May 2019
5 Instagram hidden tips and tricks for stories

These are the Instagram tips that are easy to use. These tips and tricks will give your insta story a fresh look.

A. Give the fake 3D effect on fonts

Click on the drawing pen icon. Write down the text, select black color. Place the text. Rewrite the same text, but pick a different color. Then, place it on top of the first text, but slightly to the side, to see the background font. It’s simply two fonts layered on top of each other.

Watch how it works

B. Use the color you want

To select the colour of your choice, click on that drawing pen again and then, click on the color that you want and hold your finger. There will appear a big palette of gradient colors. Glue your fingers to the screen, while moving it right/left until you find the color you’re searching for.

C. Add a solid background in your stories

Take a picture from your gallery. Click on the drawing pencil icon and drift over the color you want. Then, tap your finger and hold it. The entire background will turn solid.

Watch the tutorial on youtube

D. Use animated fonts on Stories

Download HypeType – an app to add moving texts to your photos.

Select the picture from your gallery. Double tap to edit, type the text and click done. Now the picture will appear with the animated text. Click on the “T” icon to change the fonts. Now, you are ready to upload the animated picture.

E. Tap to change the stickers

The Instagram stickers change on stories by just tapping. They either change their position or color.