Celebrating Diwali In Pictures

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26th Oct 2019
Celebrating Diwali In Pictures

Diwali, or Deepavali, is one of the most awaited festivals of India. Every nook of the street is lit up with strings of LED lights and the houses are decorated with rangolis and the sweet boxes are waiting to get unboxed. The pictures constitute a considerable part of our Diwali celebrations. Here are a few objects that can be considered clickable on Diwali eve: 

Diya photography

Diwali, the festival of lights…which we all have memorised by now, is surrounded by lights everywhere in the form of diyas, candles and LED string lights. Your Diwali is officially incomplete if your phone is absent of any diya photos. So prep up your phone camera to take some grandiloquent images of diyas/lamps.


Can you name a thing that appears easy to make, however when we actually try our hands at it, it turns out to be a disaster? Yes, you guessed it right! It is a rangoli! It takes a lot of hard work to print out a rangoli and then after a few days it has to be demolished. :( What is the best way to keep it alive? Click some super-gorgeous pictures of your Rangoli and then reminisce after a few years how your rangolis have grown all these years.

Diwali Food Photography

It is a ritual that is followed by every Indian family. Several delicacies are cooked and eaten on Diwali. Diwali brings the opportunity for us to try delicacies and sweets like kachori, gujia, kaju katli, soan papdi and so on. If you miss taking pictures of these, then your Diwali is officially and foodily incomplete.

Puja Photos

Puja photos mean the pictures of the deities in your temple and of the people around them. The temple must be decorated well and then peaceful pictures of it and of the people around it must be clicked. In  this way, everyone will reminisce about that particular puja and the emotions that were involved while praying.

Family pictures

Every festival is incomplete without an exceptional family photograph. After decoration, gobbling up delicacies, praying and after relieving from all of it, clicking a family picture is never really a bad idea. So pick up your selfie stick, gather everyone around you, and CLICK. Your Diwali is complete now.

Team @captionplusapp wishes you a very Happy Diwali. 🎆