IG Music to level up engagement on your business account

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12th Oct 2019
IG Music to level up engagement on your business account

It has been three weeks now since IG launched it’s music in India. Being given that, it is important for you to keep your audience engaged in return of their viewership. How can one entertain their viewers with IG music while also ensuring that the audience hold on to you? Here are a few basics:

Decide the vibe of your story. 🤟

At times you may already have a song in your head and might want to record a story accordingly. Give your story a great aesthetic touch by using filters. In order to refrain your story from getting compressed when it goes on IG, crop it into a ratio of 9:16 in your gallery and then upload it.  

Add a song that is closely related to your story. 🎙️

For instance, while you are on a road trip, adding the song “Kho Gaye Ham Kaha” by Prateek Kuhad would be a satisfying choice and it would make your followers watch and hear this particular story a multiple times.

Sort out the lyrics that go perfectly with your story. 🎼

For instance, you, a single person and in the middle of a club might make you add lyrics of the song “I wanna dance with someday” by Whitney Houston, particularly the chorus which will go in perfect sync with the situation. 

Refrain from adding songs that just don’t coincide with your story. 🔇

It will simply make your followers branch off and they will unfollow you. 

Do not overdo the Instagram music feature. 🎸

Use the music feature when you are certain that the music goes well with your story. If it doesn’t, refrain from adding music. Sometimes, letting your story talk with aestheticism is better than adding any music at all. 

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