Ideas to improve Your Instagram feed

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24th Apr 2019
Ideas to improve Your Instagram feed

A. Choose a theme and a grid layout
It’s necessary to have a particular theme, be it mood, the soul or the colours for your posts. Arrange them in a grid that maybe tells a story or looks aesthetically pleasing. (here are a few examples)

B. Post passionate content
Select the things you love and post about it. Tell your stories and stay empathetic with your audience.

C. Edit Your Picture
Having a beautiful image is one thing, but editing it is what really makes the image POP!

D. Engagement is the key to Instagramming
Be consistent with your feed, post frequently and engage with your audience.

D. Don’t follow rules
It’s rather absurd to suggest not to follow rules when I’ve just mentioned what to do to enhance your Instagram feed, but Instagram is for fun, so, do not use tools that might help you gain a following but takes away your true essence. Do what speaks to you and tell your stories the way you want to. If your content resonates with others, following wouldn’t be difficult.