How AR Filters are paving the way for better online engagement!

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7th Jan 2021
How AR Filters are paving the way for better online engagement!

Looking for a fun and engaging way to endorse your brand? Go no further. 

Instagram AR filters will do the job wonderfully.

AR… what is that?

Augmented Reality filters are interactive tools available on Instagram stories. These allow you to add effects to your real-time image. 

But wait, it is more than just a filter. This tool can do wonders in digital marketing. How? Let’s have a look.

Did you know 60% of businesses use interactive tools to boost engagement? 

COVID times have called for a major push in digital marketing with lots of brands actively working to promote their products and interact with their audience/ followers.

For over a year now AR filter-making has been made publicly accessible. This means you too can create filters! 

Use Spark AR Studio to create fun-filled unique effects, though you would have to wait for approval before sharing it with your followers.

How will it help your page grow?

People love using AR filters and do not shy away from trying an interesting one!

Flaunt your creativity and dazzle your followers. Promote your brand or simply use it to have some fun with your followers!