Grow your Instagram account in 2022 with these tips

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18th May 2019
Grow your Instagram account in 2022 with these tips

Instagram is a pleasing platform with high quality engaging content that caters to both individuals and brands. Having a strong presence here can help you get more influencer deals or more business if you are a brand/company.

Here are a few handy tips to grow your account:

A. The pro tip is to interact 15 mins before and after posting
To get more engagements and reach on your Instagram just interact. Go into the related hashtags, see a post, leave like 10000 likes and drop a comment on the post.

This is what influencers on Instagram do. They usually interact with other posts for at least 30 minutes, 15 minutes before publishing the new post and 15 minutes after.

B. Put hashtags in the first comment
Instead of adding hashtags in the caption, post them in the comments section. After mentioning the hashtags wrap them up in the […] brackets.

C. Use the same corner for tagging people
Tagging increases your visibility. It helps you to get noticed, by the brands or influencers you are targeting. Tag usernames in the same corner to keep your post organised. Tag smartly to get exposure.

D. Appear more in search results by editing your name
Mention the keywords in the Search bar.
To be found easily, you need to edit your Instagram bio by adding a target keyword to your name. For instance, the vegan influencer @veganbowls does, by adding “vegan” in the bio.

This is exactly how you can found any account by simply typing the keyword in the search bar.

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