5 Carousel Post ideas for instagrammers

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6th Jun 2019
5 Carousel Post ideas for instagrammers

If one picture is worth a thousand words, then what about 10 pictures? Carousel feature is an Instagram’s contribution into a storytelling trend that has been in for quite a while now, and only getting more popular.
Successful brands or influencers cater to the needs of their audience, and Instagram carousel feature provides 10 times more space for creative ideas that will engage new people around your content.

The following list contains 5 different ways you can create engaging and attractive carousel post on your Instagram account:

A. Share something unique
Instagram gives you the ability to engage your audience and carousel lets you show it on a step-by-step basis. So, take the advantage and teach them how something happens in the world. They might be curious about how you craft your product or shoot your photograph.

B. Showcase your products
Using the carousel feature on Instagram you can showcase a different product in each image, which is great for brands with multiple products or services.You can also use each image to highlight specific product variations, such a colour or size.

C. Make your audience curious
By using this feature you can make your audience curious about the post and it will urge them to swipe right and see the final outcome of the post. This will increase the engagement and will make your audience surprise.

D. Before and after
Your brand doesn’t simply sell a product to customers, it exists to help people. So, use a carousel to show your customers what their lives might look like if they had your product or service.

E. Share the best moments
Certain day or events holds an important part for your feed. So, share the past or the present best moments and attract your audience accordingly.

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