5 awesome instagram poets to follow

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30th May 2019
5 awesome instagram poets to follow

Instagram poets or #instapoets have been making big names in the world of contemporary poetry. They are changing the face of modern poetry in incredible ways, including using technology to make poetry accessible on entirely new levels. All you need to do to read the work of these writers is to follow their accounts.

So start following the new creative poetic influencers by adding these incredible Instagram poets to your feed.

A. Christopher Poindexter
The love poems are inspired by the Shakespearean sonnet. Poindexter writes most often about love, compassion and does so with eloquence and power.

B. Pavana
IPavana invokes powerful images of humans and the nature spirit to write about topics like endless love and femininity.

C. Atticus
Atticus poignant poems seek to explore both the life's most exhilarating and most relatable experiences.

D. Alison Malee
Malee’s poetry delivers powerful messages in very few words, often accompanied by gorgeous visuals.

E. R.h. Sin
His poems impart hope, joy, and the uplifting belief in the beauty of an individual soul.

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