How to browse and use the Instagram’s Effects Gallery

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18th Jan 2020
How to browse and use the Instagram’s Effects Gallery

Recently, Instagram had rolled out a handful of effects for stories. These effects are AR enabled which means that they are created by the Instagram audience for the Instagram audience itself. For a while, Instagram has been testing ways to make community-created camera effects more accessible. Finally, the effects have made their public appearance.

In order to understand how to use them, here’s a quick tutorial. 

First step, open your stories tab, scroll through the end of the filters and click on browse filters.

Boom! You are now in the Instagram Effects Gallery. Second step is to find effects in the different categories. For instance, you can move from selfies to surroundings, from love to funny. Try all!

Third step is to select from the diverse range of filters. We felt that we look attractive today, so we decided to select the filters in the category of selfies. Select the ones that actually make you look attractive. *facepalm*

Fourth step, you are now a Effects Gallery geek. Get your hands on all the effects!

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